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Formulations are available on each product page, under the "downloads" tab.

While many of the media formulations carry the tag "modified," they do not differ substantively from published and approved Tissue Culture Association (TCA) formulations.The modification generally involves an adjustment based on waters of hydration, modified salt forms, or amino acid isomer modifications. In most cases these changes have been made to improve solubility, reduce moisture content, or provide greater stability to the product formulation.

Mediatech has made a minor modification to Alpha MEM, DMEM, DMEM/F-12, MEM, and Iscove's formulations. Mediatech's modification involves the substitution of pyridoxine HCl for pyridoxal, both of which are forms of Vitamin B6. This substitution has been shown to significantly reduce the incidence of precipitate, which has troubled media users and manufacturers for years, particularly with formulations of DMEM and Iscove's. Mediatech and customer test results show this substitution has no effect on the performance characteristics of these media.

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