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Flexible Packaging

Corning® cellgro® flexible packaging systems are available in multiple formats. This includes custom configurations to meet your exact requirements. Our single-use bags are designed to be practical and cost effective alternatives to rigid walled containers, fabricated to match your specific application with a variety of bag sizes and tubing/connector configurations available. These containment and delivery systems preserve the physical, chemical, and functional characteristics of sterile fluids.

Bag types available
Collection containers 
Tank liners
Cryopreservation bags
Cell expansion bags
Bags for HYPERStack®
Rocker cell culture bags

Features and Benefits
◗ High quality barrier films
◗ Gamma irradiated
◗ Gas & moisture barriers to minimize transmission of oxygen, carbon dioxide & water vapor
◗ Universal connection systems 
◗ Eliminates costs associated with washing, sterilization, and SIP/CIP validations
◗ Eliminates the risks associated with cross-contamination
◗ Minimal setup time
◗ Wide variety of standard configurations
◗ Easily integrated in automated systems

Industry Leading Manufacturing Standards
◗ cGMP, ISO certified manufacturing process
◗ Complete documentation and traceability
◗ Animal component-free manufacturing process

Custom Configuration Options
◗ 50 mL to 200L sizes
◗ 2D and 3D configurations (pillow and gusseted)
◗ Hanging designs
◗ Manifold systems
◗ Custom tubing and filter assemblies
◗ Cryopreservation bags
◗ Single-use bags for Corning® HYPERStack® vessels

◗ Bioreactor and fermentation
◗ Media storage and delivery
◗ Seed/culture/harvest/recovery
◗ Separation
◗ Downstream processing
◗ Filtration
◗ WFI quality water storage
◗ Waste containment

Custom Fabrication and Assembly Services
Mediatech offers extensive custom design services for all of your bioprocess flexible packaging needs.

Film Materials
◗ Ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA)
◗ Ultra-low density polyethylene (ULDPE)
◗ Polyethylene (PE)
◗ Metallocene
◗ Polyolefin

◗ Luer locks
◗ CPC connectors
◗ Sanitary fitting
◗ Hose barbs
◗ Spike components
◗ Steam-in-place (SIP) connectors

◗ Chemically resistant, heat sealable flexible tubing 
◗ Platinum or peroxide cured silicone
◗ Custom sizes 
◗ Bottom ports
◗ 2D and 3D options
◗ Dip tube
◗ Recirculation tube